Our turf program consists of 6 applications, completed 4-6 weeks apart and tailored around your lawns specific needs. Each treatment contains a granular fertilizer, liquid broadleaf weed control (as needed), and a pre-emergent crabgrass control applied on the first application. Our goal is to promote healthy turf stand and color, thereby preventing unwanted weeds and protecting your lawn against turf damaging insects or diseases. Post emergent weed controls are used in the process of eliminating existing weeds, as well as in treating any weeds that may migrated from neighboring areas. See below for some of our other lawn services available to our customers.


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Grub Control Program – Residual grub preventative applied during your 2nd lawn application. This treatment will reduce grub populations as they begin feeding during the spring to early summer months.


Core Aeration – Completed during Spring and/or Fall, Core aeration is the mechanical process of removing plugs or “Cores” of soil and thatch from your lawn. Core aeration reduces soil compaction, creating a channel through which oxygen, water and nutrients can penetrate into the lawns root system


Disease Control – Treatments for Red Thread, Ring Spot, Blight, Patch Disease, Leaf Spot and more.


Mosquito Control – Perimeter mosquito control programs designed to provide nuisance free backyard activities.


General Lawn Pest Control – Control of turf destroying insects such as; Chinch Bugs, Bill Bug, Sod Webworm, European Crane Fly and more.


Aeration Overseed – The process of double core aeration, followed by over seeding entire or portions of your lawn.


Lawn Mowing Services – Weekly lawn mowing trimming and edging. Ask us about our All In One package and enjoy some of the best all-inclusive service available. Our company was founded on the All In One concept over 20 years ago and it continues to prove to be the most convenient & economical solution all while yielding the highest of quality in service.